Callie Hutton: The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage

Interview with Callie Hutton

Susana: What inspired you to start writing?

Callie: When I was a child I used to make up stories in my head that would entertain me when I was falling to sleep at night, or on long boring road trips. This continued on until adulthood, when I decided writing them down would be a good idea. I wrote many short stories for magazines and newspapers and then finally decided to write a book in 2010.

Susana: What comes first: the plot or the characters?

Callie: Almost always the plot. But if I’m writing a series, then the character will come first. But sometimes the character, as he or she appeared in another book, gives me the idea for his or her story.

Susana: Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Callie: I started off a panster, but after about five books I started plotting and now I find I do it all the time. I do extensive research, do character sketches, plot out the story, put all that information into a binder, and then outline it all, chapter by chapter, onto a white board.

Susana: Tell us something about your newest release that is NOT in the blurb.

Callie: Lady Sarah Lacey has a secret reason why she doesn’t want a husband. At least not at this time in her life.

Susana: Are you working on something at present that you would like to tell us about?

Callie: Right now I am working on The Highlander’s Distraction. This is the final story in the Marriage Mart Mayhem series, staring the youngest sister, Mary. She’s visiting sister Sarah when she gets herself into trouble.

Susana: What author or authors have most influenced your writing?

Callie: Linda Lael Miller, Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Lorraine Heath just to name a few.

Susana: Is there a writer you idolize? If so, why?

Callie: Probably Sandra Brown. She started off writing category romance and managed to segue into a top selling romantic suspense author. I would love to follow her career path.

THAM1600 (1) copy

About The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage

Lady Sarah Lacey is on her way to the Highlands to visit her twin sister, Lady Sybil MacBride, when she meets with an accident. Stranded on the road, she encounters Professor Braeden McKinnon, traveling to his home near Sarah’s destination. She cajoles him into escorting her and her maid.

As they take to the road together, Braeden finds the fiery Lady Sarah a handful of trouble. But nothing prepares him for the words she utters in front of witnesses that binds them together in matrimony. Waiting for word that he has been selected to work on an archeological dig in Rome, he had no intention of taking a wife for a long time. Now that she has accidentally married them, however, perhaps it would not be such a bad thing, after all.

Except Sarah has no intention of being anyone’s wife. She has other plans . . .

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She smiled at him. “Yes. I am ready.” Without another word, she sashayed over to his horse and stood next to it, her eyebrows raised. “Well. Are we leaving?”

Professor McKinnon had to shut his mouth, which hung open. He stomped over and, grasping her waist, flung her onto the horse’s back. She immediately began to slide to the other side, the weight of the wet clothes pulling her over. He reached out and grabbed her, tugging her the other way. Her arms flailing, she slid toward him and fell off, landing on him, sending both of them into the mud.

She lay sprawled on top of his muscular body, not more than an inch from his surprised expression. Mud splattered his spectacles as well as the rest of his face. Unable to help herself, she burst out laughing. He glowered at her and then his muscles relaxed, a slight smile teasing his lips which turned into a grin. “I’d love to lie here with ye on top of me, lass, but I dinna think we’ll get very far if ye do. ’Tis not fond of an audience, I am.”

About the Author

CroppedUSA Today best selling author of The Elusive Wife, Callie Hutton writes both Western Historical and Regency romance, with “historic elements and sensory details” (The Romance Reviews). She also pens an occasional contemporary or two. Callie lives in Oklahoma with several rescue dogs, two adult children, and daughter-in-law (thankfully all not in the same house), and her top cheerleader husband of thirty-eight years. She also welcomed twin grandsons to her ever expanding family in August of 2015.

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10 thoughts on “Callie Hutton: The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage

  1. I really enjoyed The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage. I had to laugh as
    I imagined Sarah”s Mother reading that letter the first time lol it still makes me smile.


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