Charlotte Russell: One Wicked Weekend

Dear Grandmama,

I hope this finds you well, though I cannot imagine you any other way. Illness would never dare corner the dowager Countess of Hartfield.

I have only just left Edinburgh and I am afraid I will not be returning directly to Remington Chase. My good friend Robert has entrusted me with an errand I could not refuse. Rest assured that I have already written my assistant with detailed instructions for the stewardship of the estate in my absence.

I know that by now you are consumed with curiosity as to where I am going and what I am to do for Robert. I must admit I am hesitant to tell you the former and unable to tell you the latter.

I can see the frown creasing your forehead. Very well. I will confess that I am to attend Lord Bruton’s house party next week. I do hope that tidbit has not sent you into an apoplectic fit. I very much doubt it, as you are made of sterner stuff.

Anyway, please know that I intend, as always, to uphold the dignity and rectitude of the Drake name even though I am sure to be surrounded by licentiousness and debauchery. And lovely young women who care not the least bit about propriety and modesty. Surely it wouldn’t be too depraved to entertain one of them for I will refrain from any and all unworthy thoughts and keep my mind focused on the task at hand. I apologize for not being more forthcoming about that task, but I have promised Robert complete confidentiality.

I will return with all due haste as soon as I am able. Until then I am

Your good and faithful grandson,

Hugh Drake

One Wicked Weekend - smaller copy

About One Wicked Weekend

Hugh Drake attended the scandalous house party to help a friend, but what he found was a woman he could never relinquish. 

From This Night Forward

As a newcomer to Lord Bruton’s scandalous house party, Hugh Drake was to choose first. He would select the woman whose eyes and body excited him most, whose lips and tongue would do all of the things he had been told a true lady never did. He would select a woman who would need all he wanted to give—and less. He would choose she who showed him both strength and desperation, and who would be the answer to his secret mission. He would choose an angel and a temptress, a protégé and a partner. He would choose his future wife.

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SusanaSays3Susana Says

…the sizzling story of a Regency-style liberated woman and a man who needs to be liberated: 5/5 stars

In so many of these stories, a heroine with a past seems to feel the need to live like a nun and forego a normal life, even when she was the victim. This story is the antithesis of that. Although Catherine has been victimized, she refuses to behave as a victim.This unusually strong female first intrigues Hugh and then makes him realize that he needs some liberating of his own.

I loved it!

About the Author

Charlotte Russell copyCharlotte Russell didn’t always know she wanted to be a writer. At one point she had grand plans to be an architect, until she realized she couldn’t draw anything more complicated than a stick figure. So, she enrolled at the University of Notre Dame and studied her first love—history. Now she puts all that historical knowledge to good use by writing romances set in Regency England. When not pounding on the keyboard, she watches sports with her husband (yes, he’s lucky!), chauffeurs her three kids around, volunteers for too many things, and entertains two cats. (Of course there are cats; she’s a writer.)


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