Adrienne deWolfe and “His Wicked Dream”


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About His Wicked Dream

Haunted by scandal, Eden Mallory is determined to start over in a small Kentucky town.  But she won’t soon forget the sexy, rugged doctor who rescued her from an outlaw, then rode off into the storm.

After losing his kid-brother to consumption, Dr. Michael Jones is obsessed with saving lives. He has no room for love or a wife. But the nights are lonely, and Eden haunts his dreams.

When Eden becomes his backdoor neighbor, she turns his world upside-down with her unconventional healing skills and sweet temptations.  Then outlaws return, forcing Michael to confront his past if he is to save the most precious life of all.


Velvet Lies Series

Wild Texas Nights Series

The Secrets to Getting Your Romance Novel Published (Series)

Tin-Stars and Troublemakers

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The Dinner Guest 

“What the devil do you think you’re doing?

Cover_HisWickedDreamEden spun guiltily at that rumble of ire. She hadn’t heard Michael come down the hall. In fact, she hadn’t heard much of anything but the shrieking of her conscience and the hammering of her heart. Spying Michael’s medical books high on the shelves in the family parlor had seemed like the answer to her prayers. But guilt had made her sneak. How could she explain her interest in medical research without revealing her secret?

“M-Michael.” Thunder shook the walls, or did that quaking come from Michael’s boots? “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry—”

“Of course you meant to pry. Prying is what females do best.”

He snatched the volume from her hand, and Eden winced. Looming over her, all muscle and menace, he practically steamed. She felt his heat like a furnace blast, flushing her skin and melting her nerves into a puddle.

“I’m sorry,” she repeated. Good heavens, what had put him in a foul mood this time? “I was just curious. About, um, respiration.”

“This volume is clearly marked A through H. Respiration would be in another volume entirely.”

“Yes, but bronchial inflammation—”

“Are you ill?”

Her pulse tripped as his gaze swept to her bodice. How could eyes so ice-blue one moment burn so scintillatingly hot the next?

She cleared her throat. “No. Nothing like that. I was just—”

His gaze snapped back to her face. “Then kindly refrain from snooping.”

She managed to gulp a breath. A sudden suspicion, one having to do with Sera and matchmaking, crept through Eden’s mind.  As much as her reluctant host deserved a tongue lashing, Eden had to concede that Sera was the real culprit:  she did nothing but try to marry Michael off.

Eden’s chin raised a notch. Well, it’s high time Michael Jones learns that Eden Mallory isn’t like all the other spinsters in this town.

She mustered the shreds of her decorum. “I completely understand your upset, Michael. If I’d come home after a long day’s work and discovered I was expected to entertain, I’d be put out too. If you prefer, I’ll leave.”

“That won’t be necessary. You’re my sister’s guest.”

And clearly unwelcome by you.

She told herself her hurt was ridiculous. She didn’t care one whit for Michael.  Sera was the one she loved. “I don’t want to cause tension between you and Sera.”

“Sera causes tension between me and Sera.”

“Yes, well… I’m sure she believes she’s acting in your best interests.”

“By scheming to end my bachelorhood?”

Eden fidgeted. He did have a point.

“Dinner doesn’t have to be difficult,” she said, opting for a topic change. “Even though you don’t like me—”

“Who told you that?”

“Well . . . You did. Or rather, you do. Whenever you snap.”

“You shouldn’t take everything so personally.”

Did he actually mean to say that he liked her?

She had trouble hinging her jaw closed. “Well, that may be. But you have to admit, you’ve been short with me since the first day we met.”

“Are you asking me to apologize?”

“Well, no, I…” She caught herself.  Why was she trying so hard to appease the cuss?  “May I speak frankly?”

“When do you not?”

Ooh. Insufferable man.

“Honestly, Michael, you would try the patience of a saint. Contrary to what you might think, I don’t spend my nights dreaming up schemes to make you court me.”


“Heaven forbid. Why on earth would I waste a perfectly pleasant evening with a man who’s so unpleasant?”

“The question does give one pause.”

Her irritation climbed another notch. “You see? That’s precisely what I’m talking about. Rather than own up to your failings like a proper gentleman, you resort to sarcasm.  You’re as high-handed as a tyrant.  And you’re more prickly than a porcupine!”

“I see.” He folded his arms across his chest. “Anything else you’d like to share before dinner?”

Her hands flew to her hips. “Well, if you must know, I find you completely lacking in humor!”

His laughter startled her. It was a warm, rich, rumble of mirth, so utterly masculine and thoroughly frustrating, she wanted to smack him.

“That wasn’t supposed to be funny!”

“My dear Eden, are you certain you aren’t the one lacking in humor?”

About the Author

Adrienne deWolfe_AuthorAdrienne deWolfe is a #1 best-selling author and the recipient of 48 writing awards, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year for Texas Wildcat (Book 3, Wild Texas Nights) and Doubleday’s Book of the Month Selection for His Wicked Dream (Book 2, Velvet Lies.)  Adrienne is excited to announce that she will be donating a portion of her royalties from the Velvet Lies Series to urban reforestation efforts.

Fascinated by all things mystical, Adrienne writes a weekly blog about dragons, magic, and the paranormal at to help her research her upcoming paranormal romance series. She also writes a weekly blog featuring tips about the business of writing. She enjoys mentoring aspiring authors and offers professional story critiques with her book coaching services.


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15 thoughts on “Adrienne deWolfe and “His Wicked Dream”

  1. Hi, Susana! It’s such a privilege to be a guest on your blog! Thank you so much for hosting my book tour! I look forward to chatting with you and your readers. Hugs!


    • Hey, Mary! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, Michael had it coming, didn’t he? (Go, Eden!)
      I just love a feisty heroine! 🙂


    • Thanks for checking out my tour, Marcy! Well, what do you think? Did I capture the “essence” of a male doctor in Michael? ::snicker:: I figured that as a nurse, you were smiling to yourself when Eden told him off . . . Hugs!


    • Thanks! I really wanted the sparks to fly between them . . . and this is only the beginning of the scene in the book, so things get pretty hot after this! Hope to see you again on the tour!


    • ::snicker:: Yeah, she really socks it to him, doesn’t she? (Not that he doesn’t deserve it, the arrogant cuss.) But Michael’s grizzly bear goes all soft and gooey on the inside when he gets a whiff of her fragrance . . . which you’ll see in an upcoming scene. Hugs!


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