Georgiana Louis and “The Reluctant Duke” + Giveaway

Georgiana is offering a digital copy of The Ruined Marquis, the second in the Spares series, to the most original commenter.

Why I Love the Regency Period

I did an interview on an American radio station last week and the host asked me why I wrote about the Regency period, as there was no Regency period in Australia. I had to laugh, because I rarely write about things I know about. Where’s the fun in that?

Instead I write about places I dream of, times that interest me.

Ever since I picked up Sabrina Jeffries’ To Pleasure a Prince in a secondhand book store, I have been hooked on the Regency period. And it’s not because of the clothes either!

I actually find the clothes to be quite horrible, and don’t write much about them.

Instead, what I love, are the rules, the society and most of all I love the changes within society that began through that period. The way love matches within the aristocracy and gentry became more common, versus the contracted marriages of the the late 18th century.

I love the rules about how a lady must act, the ridiculous double standards for gentlemen.

The Regency period was a time when ladies became more than just a pretty society piece. Ladies who had conversation became more prized, and I think that is what totally enthralls me.

I hope you enjoy my Spares series—I loved writing it. My four, tortured heroes and the women who bring them to their knees.

About The Reluctant Duke

Colin Lyre, recently inherited 10th Duke of Lincoln, has been told his whole life that he is superfluous to his family.

When he must deal with the responsibility and stress that comes with his new title, he flounders rather badly. He is determined do his ‘duty’’ and marry an ‘appropriate Duchess.’

Life throws Colin’s plans wayward when he rescues the beautiful Annabelle from a ball. She makes him realize how much better his life could be, but he doesn’t know if he truly deserves such happiness.

Annabelle wants nothing to do with the responsibility of marrying a title. She simply wants to make a suitable match with a gentleman who can support her family.

Colin is Annabelle’s perfect prince until she realizes what life as his life would be like. However, making the rational decision to stay away from one another is much harder than either of them expects.


Red Rose Publishing


TheReluctantDuke_LRG“Thank you so much sir. I need to get out of here before anyone sees me. Can you help me please?” She implored through her ministrations.

“Oh… of… course I can,” Colin stammered, his mind racing with the logistics of how to get her out of the grounds unseen. Why hadn’t he been thinking about that before she mentioned it? He should have been the one to offer aid.

“I can’t be found like this,” Her voice broke on the words and two fresh tears slipped down her cheeks. “No one would ever marry me.”

Colin’s heart all but broke at the pitiful look on her face, for it was indeed true. Her beauty and virginity were the two things that would be her greatest assets on the marriage mart. If people regarded her as damaged goods, no one of any consequence would marry her, no matter how beautiful she was.

“I’ll get you out of here, let’s walk towards the front of the house and you can hide whilst I get a carriage.” Colin put his arm gingerly around the angel, ushering her towards the house.

“I’m Annabelle by the way,” she sniffed as she wiped her face again with his now soaked handkerchief.

“Oh … well…” Colin stammered again, how did this beautiful woman keep flabbergasting him? He’d never been so verbally incompetent in his life.

“I think we’re past polite names do not you? After all, you have probably seen more of me tonight than any one should before marriage.”

Colin was shocked by her honest and far too accurate assessment of the situation. It occurred to him if someone saw them in her current state of ‘dress’ it would be his head on the chopping block, or in the parson’s trap as the case may be.

“I do not want to get married,” he blurted out louder than he should have, stopping her in their rather quick race to the front gate.

Annabelle chuckled at him.

“I did not mean I wanted to marry you, my lord. I just meant that considering the state you found me in and after all you have done for me tonight, the least I could do was introduce myself as Annabelle and not Miss such and such, daughter of such and such.” She sighed loudly. “I hate all that.”

Colin smiled despite himself. Was there really a marriageable female here that did not care about connections? He frowned cynically, he did not think she’d feel the same way when she was properly introduced to him.

“I’m Colin,” he smiled shyly at her. He’d never been introduced as just ‘Colin’ in his entire 26 years. What an odd, exhilarating feeling. ‘Colin’ could be anyone, do anything.

“Colin,” she said his name with a slight huskiness that sent a bolt of desire to his groin.

About the Author

all photos sept 2011 282Georgiana Louis is a chiropractor, wife and mother in the real world. However, her passion for writing could not be denied. She fell in love with romance novels at the tender age of eleven. Thousands of books have been read, absorbed and enjoyed since then. More recently, the wonderful world of Regency romance—dashing heroes and beautiful heroines in an era just beginning to accept love matches. Please join her in the fictional world, where everything ends as it should, happily ever after.


7 thoughts on “Georgiana Louis and “The Reluctant Duke” + Giveaway

  1. Great answer. I don’t know why we can’t dream of a time that once flourished. I love the clothes, the dresses are lovely, though sometime ridiculous. And I too love the rules of the society, to some extent. Ohh you should check out the rules for gentlemen! Here’s the site if you haven’t seen it yet:

    I love Collin and Anna but I can not wait for Archie and Victoria’s story! Gosh it has been forever it seems. Oh and congrats on the new contract Georgiana. 😀
    Thanks so much for the interview Susana.


  2. Sounds like a lovely story I’d like to read. As a Jane Austen fan, I’ve always loved the rules of the time, too, the chivalry, the decorum, the civility of people’s interactions. So different from today’s world, unfortunately.


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