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Why I Read/Write Historical Romance, #FallBackinTime (Contest)


One day a year, we—most of us anyway—get a chance to go backward in time. Well, sort of. It’s not really time travel, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s the closest we’re going to get to it, in all likelihood. And last year, a group of historical romance authors decided to use the “Fall Back” idea to promote reading historical romance.

The basic idea is for historical romance fans to take a selfie while reading a histrom book and promote it all over social media using the #FallBackInTime hashtag on “Fall Back” day—which is November 1st this year for us United Statesians. (I know a lot of countries did this last week, but you can do it this week too.)


No, this is not me. I shamelessly stole it from the Historical Romance Network Facebook page.

Then there was the “Why I Read Historical Romance” and/or “Why I Write Historical Romance” promotion last May. Histrom fans posted memes of their reasons for reading/writing historical romance, preferably using beautiful photographs.

Sooo, I decided to incorporate both ideas for this year’s promotion. I created some memes that include the #FallBackInTime hashtag as well as the “Why I Read/Write Historical Romance. Can’t hurt, right? That way I can kill two birds with one stone… and use the same ones for next May’s promotion.


Have I ever mentioned I’m a rebel? [Evil laugh]

And I love contests, so here’s my proposal:

  1. Create a meme and/or a selfie using the hashtag #FallBackInTime.
  2. Post your meme(s) to my Facebook page (or email to me at susanaellisauthor@gmail.com if you don’t do Facebook).
  3. Post your meme(s) all over social media on November 1st. You can also post any of mine you wish. The more the better!
  4. I’ll award a prize to one random meme-poster and another to the one I like best.
  5. Prizes will be announced on Monday.

Prize for the best meme (Susana’s choice)

Some memes I created:

Why I Read Historical Romance

Why I Write Historical Romance

So… good luck, everyone! Have fun, but don’t spam (too much), and take an hour off to read a good historical romance.

Oh, and don’t forget the Bluestocking Belles’ Launch Party, from 4:00-9:00 p.m. EST. Lots of prizes to be had there as well!

Choice of a Susana Ellis mug or a Susana Ellis portfolio (notepad)

Prize for the random meme-poster: Choice of a Susana Ellis mug or a Susana Ellis portfolio (notepad)

Guest Author Sabrina York Talks About Steamy Regency Romance


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Susana’s Parlour is celebrating the second anniversary of The Romance Reviews with the Treasuring Theresa Lucky In Love Giveaway. To enter the contest, click the TRR graphic at right or the Treasuring Theresa graphic in the side bar.

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My guest today is Ellora’s Cave author Sabrina York, aka “Her Royal Hotness,” whose book Dark Fancy has just been released.

(Note that Sabrina is giving away a gorgeous tiara to some lucky subscriber to her newsletter. See photo below.)

Raving Reviews and (Steamy) Regency Romance

I’ll admit it. I LOVE writing erotic romance. It’s so much fun tying together deep, gripping emotions and really hot sex. But it surprised me how much I really LOVED writing erotic Regencies.

There’s just something about historical romance, the dashing heroes, the ridiculous rules of the time—the elbow length gloves. Something that makes me want to incite my characters to mischief.

Imagine how delighted I was that my first attempt at this intriguing era was met with rave reviews! Night Owl Reviews said: “Folly is one of the best historical romances I’ve ever read…everything I like about romances; a handsome, mysterious hero, a strong, but vulnerable heroine, comical side characters, a cruel villain, and just the right amount of a physical relationship between characters. York keeps the romance going, while keeping the book a page-turner. I couldn’t put down. York really knows how to write a truly steamy, exciting, and satisfying romance.”

How fortuitous that I had already finished and edited the prequel, Dark Fancy. This short and steamy novel tells the tale of James Tully, Earl of Darlington and the wayward waif who captures his heart, Helena Eloise Simpson.

James is betrothed to marry some faceless woman when he meets this adorable runaway. He has it in his mind to seduce her and introduce her to his darkest fancy—which of course, is quite naughty. By the time he realizes Eloise is really Helena, his betrothed, it’s too late. She’s fled.

You know he has to chase her!

I hope you enjoy this blurb and excerpt from Dark Fancy. Please pick up the book if you can, and be sure to let me know how you liked it.

darkfancy_smAbout Dark Fancy

When Lady Helena Eloise Simpson flees an unwanted marriage to a revolting lord, she finds refuge with James, a charming, handsome man unlike any she’s ever known. Helena concocts the perfect solution to her problem. She asks—begs—James to ruin her. Surely her betrothed will repudiate her if she is no longer pure. And if all her efforts fail and she still ends up married to a horrid man until the end of her days, she will—at least once—have known true passion.

But James is not all he seems. He is, in fact, a wicked lord with a dark fancy. When Helena awakens his desire, he becomes determined to take everything she has to offer and more. No matter the cost.


Copyright © 2013 by Sabrina York, 2013

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing , Inc.

“Men are very possessive, are they not?”

He shrugged. “Some are.”

“But would those men, the ones who are, would they want a bride who was not pure?”

He licked his lips again although there was no droplet there. “What are you proposing, Eloise?” The low throb of his voice excited her. He knew what she was proposing, and judging from the cant of his head, he liked the idea.

“I was just thinking, if you spoiled me, maybe he wouldn’t want me anymore.”

“Spoiled you?” His brow wrinkled. He said the word as though it tasted bad.

“Deflowered me.”

He swallowed. “You’re a virgin.” Not a question. He was just clarifying the facts. But the prospect concerned him. His thoughts were plain on his face.

“I’m a desperate virgin. Please, James. Won’t you consider it?”

“I’ve been considering it since the instant we met.”

A shard of heat sliced through her. “You have?” She traced the edge of her cup. “I was wondering if you found me attractive.”

He snorted. Then took an altogether too deep draw of wine. Coughed. Once he recovered, he said, “Yes, my dear. I do find you attractive. And as much as I ache to…spoil you, I find myself clutched in the claws of conscience.”

“Haven’t you ever ruined a woman before?”

His laugh came out in a bark. “Indeed, I hope I have. Ruined her for other men, at least. But no. I’ve never had a virgin.” He sobered. “I am told it can be painful.”

She threw back her shoulders. “I’m sure I could bear it. If it released me from this abominable betrothal.” She flicked a look at him beneath her lashes. “I should so like to try.”

James stared at Eloise, brave, proud, innocent Eloise. He could relate to the passion in her plea. He had a sudden desire to be released from a betrothal himself. He fiddled with the corner of his napkin. “There is always the chance your betrothed won’t care if you’re ruined.” Some men did not.

Her lashes fluttered. When they rose again, there was a look in her eye that sent lust coursing down his spine. It settled in his lap. “If I’m to be married to a bilious flounder of a man for the rest of my life, I should like to know passion just once. Just once, James.”

“J-just once?” His voice cracked.

Her smile blossomed. “Perhaps more than once.”

He had to laugh, although this was clearly no laughing matter. “My dear. I would be happy to oblige.”

“Excellent!” She clapped her hands with glee.

Unfortunate, that, because it made her look, once again, like a little girl. But then she picked up her cup and ran her pink tongue around the rim, lapping at the wayward drops. He reached for the second bottle.

She held out her cup for a refill. “You will need to show me what to do.”

He almost forgot to stop pouring. Hell yes. He’d love to show her what to do. He’d love to instruct her—in elaborate detail—what, precisely, to do. Something snarled in his belly.  His palm itched.

He forced down that decadent desire. Chained the beast.

For God’s sake. She was an innocent, a virgin. If he opened with that card, not only would she truly be ruined, she would probably hie off to the nearest nunnery and spend the remainder of her life in seclusion.

Oh, he would bed her. He would despoil and beguile her, but only in the very gentlest of fashions.

But his fantasies, the darkling imagery of what he would truly like to do, simmered.

“Are you…” He cleared his throat. “Are you ready for your bath?”

“Heavens, yes.” Once again, she clapped her hands.

The childlike gesture was off-putting since, at the moment, he was thinking of sinking into her body and swallowing her moans with his mouth. But he liked her enthusiasm. It also made him desire—very deeply—to tie those hands to the bedposts. So she couldn’t clap them.

Why that thought made him salivate, he didn’t know.

Ah hell. Of course he knew.

Despite the lust snarling through him, he managed a modicum of chivalry, although it was perfunctory at best. “I’ll fashion a curtain.”

Her next words nearly unmanned him. “You don’t need to.”

“I b-beg your pardon?”

“You don’t need to bother with a curtain.” For a shy and demure innocent, she had something of a brazen streak. “I mean, if we’re going to…you know…”

“Make love?”

“Yes. If we’re going to make love, you will see me naked anyway.” A frown crossed her brow. “Won’t you?”

He chuckled. “Most certainly.”

“I thought so. But people are not very forthcoming when one asks about such things.”

“Really?” That had not been his experience in the slightest. Then again, she was a girl. The world sought to save and protect innocence. Until it ravaged it.

He did not know why he trembled as he poured the heavy buckets into the tub. He was a man of the world. Jaded and used to much more decadent fare than initiating virgins to the delights of the flesh. He should hardly be nervous about the prospect of having her.

Then again, maybe it wasn’t nerves. Maybe it was just pure, seething desire…

Dark Fancy is now available for preorder on Amazon.

Sabrina_head_smAbout Sabrina York

Sabrina is an award winning author of erotic romance with over a dozen titles available, ranging from sweet & sexy erotic romance to BDSM to erotic horror. Connect with her on twitter @sabrina_york or Facebook.

Check out Sabrina’s books and read an excerpt on her webpage (www.sabrinayork.com) or explore on Amazon or at Ellora’s Cave.

  • Dark Fancy: Erotic Regency
  • Folly: Erotic Regency
  • Adam’s Obsession: Contemporary Erotic Romance
  • Extreme Couponing: Contemporary BDSM
  • Pushing Her Buttons: Contemporary BDSM
  • Rising Green: Steamy Erotic horror
  • Training Tess: Contemporary BDSM
  • Trickery: Magical Domination
  • Tristan’s Temptation: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Coming Releases

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A Treatise On Lady Theresa

romancehop2013smOne might expect an earl’s daughter to have been raised with every conceivable luxury—with the finest wardrobe and jewels money can buy, along with her own personal lady’s maid and a host of servants to do her bidding. Young ladies of the nobility would naturally be expected to attend balls and routs and a host of society events in order to attract a suitable parti for marriage. A charmed life indeed, by the standards of the day.

Not, however, by Lady Theresa’s.

Oh, Lady Theresa had her come-out, made her curtsy to the Queen, danced with eligible gentlemen, swallowed dry cakes at Almack’s, like every other aristocratic young lady. Unlike the majority, however, she did not enjoy it. In fact, she disliked it excessively.

Because Lady Theresa, despite her lofty title, despised the superficiality of the London ton. The dandified gentlemen with their pretentious manners and outrageous clothing who would stare through their quizzing glasses at unfortunate young ladies judged to be defective in some way or another. Lady Theresa herself ran afoul of them on more than one occasion, but only because she went out of her way to “rescue” the victims of these tormenters, these useless fribbles, who seemingly had everyone in the ton kowtowing to them. They disgusted her.

She preferred living in the real world. The country—specifically the Granville estate and the village where she had grown up all her life. Where people worked for a living, producing food for themselves and the rest of the country, yes, even for the indolent upper crust of society who scorned them. Where people lived—really lived—their lives and cared for their neighbors in times of need. These people—the tenants, the villagers, the families of the neighboring estates—were her family every bit as much as her father was, social status notwithstanding.

treasuringtheresa_1.75So Lady Theresa was one young lady who did not wish for a brilliant marriage and the whirl of London society. She’d rather stay in the country and marry the boy next door who also happened to be her best friend, and bring her children up among those she cared about. Was that really too much to ask?

She didn’t mind that much that someday her father’s estate would go to his distant cousin and heir, Damian Ashby. Titles and entailed property passed to the closest male heir. It wasn’t fair, of course. But that was the way of things. She’d be long married to Reese Bromfield, her childhood sweetheart, by then. By all accounts, Ashby was a London swell who would probably never spend more than a week at Granville Manor, so she’d probably see him only on rare occasions. So much the better.

But Lady Theresa’s life was about to take an unexpected turn. Not even an earl’s daughter can stop the hand of fate as it weaves its way through people’s lives. Will she have the courage to endure the afflictions heading her way and find an alternate route to happiness? Or is she doomed to a life of bitterness and misery?

Treasuring Theresa, a sweet Regency short story, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AllRomance eBooks, Ellora’s Cave, Sony, Kobo and Bookstrand.

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To Celebrate the Release of Treasuring Theresa 

January 3, 2013 at Ellora’s Cave

Susana is hosting a series of contests for the month of January!

All you have to do is answer a question about the Regency period (and/or Tweet about this contest) and your name will be entered for the next drawing!

Free Bonus Reads Available!

  • in-depth character sketches of Lady Theresa and Damian, Lord Clinton
  • an extra scene and an epilogue, both not included in the published story

Feel free to tell all your friends!

Winners will be chosen on January 9, 16, 23, and 31.