Why I Write/Read Historical Romance (Giveaway)


#1 Courtship

I just really like it when the hero has to put in some effort to win the girl and they don’t just fall into bed at the first meeting.

regency courtship

#2 Strong Heroines

I wanna be Skye O’Malley!


#3 Heroes

Dare I mention Jamie Fraser? Kilts?


Click here for my post on everything Outlander.

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#4 Family Values

Well, I’m not claiming they are all good family values!


#5 Gowns

What’s not to like about a stunning ball gown? Especially when someone else has to wear the corset.


#6 Stately Homes

And don’t forget the servants to keep it all sparkling clean!

hatfield house

#7 Country Estates

Fresh air, sunshine, gardens (and gardeners). And don’t forget house parties!

Click here for some English manor houses on Pinterest.


#8 Favorite Authors

Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Sabrina Jeffries, Elizabeth Hoyt, Jean Plaidy, Elizabeth Chadwick, Susanna Kearsley, Diana Gabaldon, Stephanie Laurens, Jude Deveraux, Johanna Lindsey, Julia Quinn, Julie Garwood, Amanda Quick, Jo Beverley, Victoria Alexander, Carla Kelly… and many more!

Click here for Amazon’s Top 100 Historical Romance Authors!


Click here for a past post on Georgette Heyer.

#9 Almack’s Assembly Rooms

The Patronesses. The vouchers. The Marriage Mart. The dry cake. No waltzing without permission.

Click here for a past post on Almack’s.

#10 Pride & Prejudice

Colin Firth is the ultimate Darcy. Don’t you dare dispute it!


To be continued… by you! Why do you read or write historical romance?

A random commenter will win a set of sparkly stuffed Christmas ornaments from the UK!


15 thoughts on “Why I Write/Read Historical Romance (Giveaway)

  1. Two words — Jamie Fraser. 🙂 I love reading about History. I love your reasons. I agree with all of them. The strict rules were unbelievable for women.It’s always exciting to read about times in History from the comfort of my own chair. I don’t think I’d have survived their rules. :). Thanks for the post.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at). aol (dot) com


  2. I just want to say ALL OF THE ABOVE. I totally agree about Colin Firth. No one else comes close.

    I have always loved history. I love finding out how we came to this point in time.

    Historical Romance has it all.


  3. I recently saw a quote from Colin Firth that said (roughly): I could change careers now and be and astronaut and when I landed on Mars, the headline would read “Mr. Darcy Lands On Mars.” Yup.


  4. #WhyIWriteHistoricals I love the escape to a world that is so far removed from the one I live in today; the values, the manners, the grand estates and beautiful houses. The balls, soirees, musicales and routs! The pure, unadulterated romance of a bygone time.

    #WhyIReadHistoricals because there are some wonderfully talented people out there who help me to escape to that world I long to inhabit!

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  5. I read historical romance to be taken to a different time and place. You can escape your problems and worries for a while. I love the dresses, etc in the regency time period and I love to read about the trials and how our ancestors would have lived and hopefully prospered in the historical western romances. I also love the items I read about in history that I never knew. It had given me a new love of history that I share with my children.

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  6. Jamie Fraser is the ideal of everyone for husband!Colin Firth is the only Darcy! Historical romance is a fun way to bring real historic times alive.


  7. I read and write historicals because I love your #1 reason: men had to work for it! I also read/write to escape. Historicals do that without me having to think so hard about world-building and rules like you find in fantasy. I can sit back, relax, and really go someplace and some-time else. Excellent post by the way.


  8. I would really love to win them ornaments from the UK! They are very beautiful. I hope this is where I leave a comment to be entered into that contest. Good luck to everybody but I hope that I win thank you


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