Five Random Things About Me: Authors After Dark

I’m Susana Ellis and I’m a Featured Author at the Authors After Dark conference in Charlotte, NC this coming week. I’m SO looking forward to meeting you all at the AAD!

I write Regency romance since I’m a complete nut about history and romance (not in that order). My mom made me a spectacular Regency gown and pelisse that I plan to wear for the book signing. I have two blogs—Susana’s Parlour for historical readers, and Susana’s Morning Room for all types of romance. I brought back a number of treasures for giveaways from my recent trip to London, and hope you’ll enter the contest (see photo at right). But even if you don’t win that one, I’ll have some great prizes to give away Friday for my parlor game at the AAD.

Five Random Things About Me

  1. I’m a lifelong resident of Ohio, but I recently became a snowbird (just in time to miss last year’s nasty winter). I live in Toledo from May through October and Eustis, Florida from November through April. It wouldn’t bother me if I never saw snow again!
  2. One of my sisters has eleven children (ages 20 to 11 months). The first two are National Merit Scholars, and it looks like the third might be one too. They are entirely home-schooled until they go to college.
  3. I really hate housework, especially dusting. Why bother, since it’ll just get dusty again anyway? My floors are usually pretty clean, though, since I have Roomba robot vacuum cleaners (Romeo I and Romeo II) in both of my residences. Now why can’t they invent a robot to dust and clean toilets?
  4. I’m completely obsessed with anything Outlander. I paid $600 in an auction to have lunch with Diana Gabaldon last October in Phoenix. I signed up for STARZ just to watch the new show, and after seeing the first episode, I’m certain it’s going to be a huge hit!
  5. I buy almost all my clothes from QVC. It’s just…simpler. My favorite hosts are Lisa Robertson, Antonella Nestor, Leah Williams, Jayne Brown, David Venable and Mary Beth Roe. I love Philosophy and Mally Cosmetics and, well, lots of other stuff too!


I’ll probably wear my black floral hat a lot in Charlotte, so stop by and chat with me about yourself and what books and authors you prefer. I read lots of sub-genres and heat levels and am always looking for great new reads!

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Susana’s Parlour

Susana’s Morning Room

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