What Makes a Tortured Hero?

 What Makes a Tortured Hero?

When I think of a tortured hero, I think of Outlander’s Jamie Fraser, who had to let Claire return to the 20th century to save her life and that of their baby, and then endured 20 years without her, knowing that she was living with her 20th century husband and he’d never see her again, or their child. (Of course, Claire was equally tortured, and her 20th century husband as well, but they had Brianna, while Jamie was all alone (well, mostly anyway).

????????????????????????????????????????In Treasuring Theresa, Damian tells himself he’s not at all interested in a country bumpkin like Cousin Theresa, but why does it bother him to think that she’s still in love with Reese Bromfield, the man she always expected to marry?

In Cherishing Charlotte, my current WIP, Colin discovers that his past family squabbles are not nearly so torturous as falling in love with his employer’s granddaughter who is fated to marry a worthless fribble in order to save her family from penury.

In the as-yet-untitled next project, Gabriel, having suffered through a previous marriage to a lunatic, finally finds a woman he wishes to share his life with, but then discovers she has deceived him. He should steer clear of her. Hasn’t he learned his lesson?

One thing all of these “tortured heroes” has in common is their willingness to risk everything to protect the women they love. Jamie has to allow Claire and the baby leave him forever. Damian has to prove his worth to win Lady Theresa’s heart. Colin must allow Charlotte to marry her cousin because he himself cannot save her family. And Gabriel has to come to an understanding that the circumstances of Isabelle’s past gave her no option but to do what she did, and that a life with her is worth fighting for.

Who is your favorite tortured hero? What makes him a tortured hero, in your opinion?

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One thought on “What Makes a Tortured Hero?

  1. Jamie Fraser to me is the ultimate tortured Hero. Even with what he has endured and sacrificed he still has such honor and compassion . Love him 🙂
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com


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