I’ve been a voracious reader of romance for decades, from Harlequins to Heyer and everything in between, but when I was introduced to Kathleen Woodiwiss’s groundbreaking historicals, I was hooked. I’ve been addicted to authors such as Johanna Lindsey, Amanda Quick, Jude Deveraux, Mary Balogh, Joan Smith, Elizabeth Mansfield, and many, many others. While I read a variety of romantic fiction, my favorite genre by far is historical, particularly the Regency era. I suspect the reason for that is the fact that I have devoured hundreds, if not thousands, of Candlelight, Fawcett, Signet, Zebra, and other traditional regencies, in addition to the longer-length historicals set in that period; thus, the England of Prinny’s Regency has become something of a second home to me.

So it seems only natural that when I try my hand at writing my own historical stories, the Regency period is the place to start. While my current WIP is not a Regency by any stretch of the imagination—it is actually set in a Turkish harem—it does take place during that time period, and the heroine, who finds herself swept into a culture completely alien to her own Regency upbringing, must learn to come to embrace it or risk losing the man she loves.

My intention is that this blog will serve as an outlet for discussions about reading, books, writing, and more. I hope you will feel free to jump in and express your own opinions about any of these things.

Happy reading!

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